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  • Volunteering - Self-financing plan
    Answer Information about the self-financing plan can be found in our journal. There you will find the score, as well as the paper version forms (PDF for download) at the bottom of the article or at complete online. This information will be needed to count your hours of volunteer work.
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  • Our contact details
    CNHR training site Swimming pool at the Claude-Raymond Sports Complex 955 Rue Choquette,Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec J3A 1V6 How to get there: Direction Email: < /p> Tel: (450) 359-1872
  • Registration for a competition
    Registration for a competition
  • Purchase of materials
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  • Sports study
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  • Registration
    You can register at any time via the Amelia .
  • About the Club
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  • Coaches
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